Edgecombe Community College’s Biotechnology and Medical Simulation Center

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Edgecombe Community College’s newest facility, the Biotechnology and Medical Simulation Center, opened on the Downtown Rocky Mount campus in January 2016.

The state-of-the-art, 45,000-square-foot building houses 12 curriculum and 6 continuing education programs of study, and more than 1,200 students use the facility annually.

Edgecombe is the 2nd community college in the state to offer a simulated hospital environment for students. Edgecombe is also the only Community College other than Pitt in the Eastern Region to have an accredited nursing program. Students coming into the program are now eligible to graduate with their associates. Through partnership with ECU graduates are offered the opportunity to do online classes with ECU to obtain their bachelor’s degree.

The building is three levels. On the first floor are six training rooms furnished with pods to create a student-centered, active learning environment. The pods or clusters promote a team or collaborative approach to learning. Also located on the first floor is a biotechnology lab, with equipment such as a Fotodyne UV transilluminator/digital camera system, which is used in a sensitive analysis of DNA, and a laminar flow hood, used to provide a clean work space in performing experiments sensitive to contamination.

The second floor is a simulated hospital environment with an emergency room, imaging lab, examination rooms, phlebotomy lab, nursing skills lab, nursing assistant lab, debriefing rooms, and a nurses’ station.

The third floor houses an operating room, obstetrics/neonatal room, an occupational therapy lab, an ICU, pulmonary function lab, respiratory care lab, home health/community health training room, counseling/mental health room, debriefing rooms, and a nurses’ station. It was amazing to see how hands on this environment is. All of the simulated mannequins have names and are treated as real patients would be.

By relying on patient simulation and a team approach in a realistic healthcare environment, teaching and learning in the Biotechnology and Medical Simulation Center is raising the standard of healthcare education throughout the region. 80% of students at this location have job offers before graduation and are being fed to local medical facilities which makes the ECC downtown campus attractive to potential students and hopefully potential residents of our city. Students currently commute from Raleigh, Halifax, Pitt, Wake, and other counties in our region to attend.

After plans for the 2017 trip had to be canceled due to the hurricane, it has been postponed until next year for some of the students to travel to the Dominican Republic to work alongside a surgeon to help in a third world country.

Edgecombe Community College recently celebrated their 50th Anniversary! We are excited to see the growth that is to come within in the next 50 years!

Edgecombe Community College has begun registration for the Spring Semester. Registration is from November 13th until December 1st. Classes begin January 8th.

For more information call 252-823-5166 ext. 255 or email admissions@edgecombe.edu

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