City Seeks Artists for Mural

Monday, January 8, 2018

The city of Rocky Mount is inviting artists with a vision of improving the city’s streetscape to submit proposals for a three-part mural to adorn the downtown area.
This is the first time the city has held a juried art competition for mural to be commissioned by the city and the first such mural project to enhance the city. In its prospectus for the project, the Arts Center stated it is seeking a “family friendly mural that is bright and expresses the vibrancy and diversity of our community.”
Alicyn Wiedrich, curator of the Maria V. Howard Arts Center, said the Downtown Mural Project is a downtown initiative that the Arts Center is excited to support.
In a press release from the city requesting proposals for the Downtown Mural Project, Wiedrich said, “Art has a way of changing the landscape of a city. A plain old wall can become an inspiring canvas. That’s why downtown Rocky Mount and the Imperial Centre for the Arts & Sciences have teamed up to make a positive change to our downtown streetscape.”
The mural will be placed on the exterior walls of the Towel Town building at 248 SW Main St. The walls vary in size from 19½ feet by 7½ feet to 30 feet by 7 feet, and artists are strongly encouraged to visit the site prior to submitting their proposals. The Arts Center is accepting both solo and group mural project proposals with a maximum budget of $2,000. The proposals must be submitted by Jan. 31.
Wiedrich said the project is open to any U.S. artist or artist groups 18 years old or older, regardless of where they live. Criteria for judging the projects include the incorporation of references to the area’s history and culture in the design, the degree to which the design will likely engage and inspire the community and the use of durable materials that require minimum maintenance. All work must be original.
“Selection of which project we will move forward with will be decided by blind jury,” Wiedrich said. “That means the group selecting the project will not know artist name, location, etc. The jury will only consider concept for the project, budget for the project, etc.”
The final artist selection will be announced on March 2. Once an artist or artist group is selected, work on the project must be completed by June 1.
Wiedrich said the purpose of the downtown mural project is to enhance the appearance of the downtown area.
“The purpose of the mural project is to beautify our downtown region, encourage foot traffic through downtown and continue to highlight Rocky Mount as a city that supports and highlights the arts,” Wiedrich told the Telegram. “This project is an excellent example of how the city of Rocky Mount is continuing to expand public art in public spaces throughout the city limits. We hope that residents of and visitors to Rocky Mount will engage with our downtown region; frequent the businesses, shops, history and sites; and feel energized by the spread of art through downtown and the rest of Rocky Mount.”

Open to all US artists 18 years of age or older. Must be Family Friendly and Original! Solo or Group proposals are accepted! Deadline to submit proposals are January 31, 2018.

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