Better Blends Coming Soon!

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Kydeem Vaughan and James Silver have partnered to open BETTER BLENDS, a smoothie shop in historic downtown Rocky Mount!

At Better Blends it is our mission to make sure every customer is provided a healthy, tasty, and refreshing experience with our smoothies, while enjoying an aesthetically pleasing environment.

We’ve chose the name Better Blends because we realize there is an ever-growing population of athletes and health fanatics that are growing out of the twin counties. We feel as though they deserve a healthy organic alternative to what they been given thus far. Rocky Mount is a diverse city with a solid population base, and lots of business development happening. Yet, it lacks spaces for citizens to gather and enjoy healthy and organic food on the go. There are many places you can go and get a smoothie made from a powder base alternative, however that isn’t always a healthy choice.

We both have worked tirelessly in the community to assist in the development of the youth through coaching, and mentoring. We are aware of the challenges and needs an athlete has before and after games and events.

Better Blends will be located downtown at 118 Sunset Ave.

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