Douglas Block

The Historic Douglas Block is located at the north end of the downtown Rocky Mount business district. It lies in close proximity to major cultural and educational facilities, including the Imperial Centre for the Arts & Sciences, the Veterans’ Memorial at Jack Laughery Park, and the Braswell Memorial Library (all one block west) and the Rocky Mount campus of Edgecombe Community College (two blocks south).

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Douglas Block buildings comprise 25,000 square feet of commercial retail space, distributed as follows:

  • Douglas Building: 6 bays — 4.465 square feet (2 currently vacant)
  • Manhattan Theater: 3 bays — 3,545 square feet
  • Burnette Building: 3 bays — 7,000 square feet
  • Stokes Building: 2 medical bays — 4,770 square feet (1 currently vacant)
  • Thorpe Building: 1 or 2 spaces — 3,446 square feet

Each space has two bathrooms, upgraded electric and HVAC.
Commercial Rental Rate: $7.50/square foot for the first year, $10/square foot thereafter.

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Total of eight units are located on the second floors of the Douglas Building (5) and Burnette Building (3). These efficiency and one bedroom units range from 614-928 square feet and feature several features designed to maintain low energy consumption and costs throughout the year.

  • Significant increase in insulation of the walls and roofs
  • Light-colored roofing membrane to reflect heat
  • New insulated double‐glass windows or new storm sashes installed on existing single-glazed historic windows
  • New high efficiency heating and cooling systems
  • Energy efficient lighting
  • Low flow plumbing fixtures to reduce water used
  • High recycled material content in many of the new materials used
  • Low VOC paints and finishes to reduce out gassing of these products

Units also include:

  • Full appliance package
  • Secure apartment access from ground level
  • On-site laundry
  • Elevator and stairwell access to units

Vacancies are rare for all of these units.
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Ample parking is available to all properties. On street parking is available, as well as a newly constructed 100 space lot in the rear of the properties (on the north side of East Thomas Street).


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