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The Eastern Carolina BBQ Throw Down® is sanctioned by the Kansas City Barbecue Society (KCBS) and their representatives will be present. The contest consists of four KCBS categories (chicken, pork ribs, pork & beef brisket) which are required entry in order to qualify for the Grand Championship. Prizes are also awarded in individual categories. Optional category is the People’s Choice. There is $20,000 in cash prizes with 53 opportunities to win.

2018 Winners:

Overall Winners:
Grand Champion: Muttley Crew BBQ
Reserve Grand Champion: Redneck Scientific
3rd: Old Colony Smokehouse
4th: Grate Smoke
5th: Smokin Skullies
6th: Smack that Butt BBQ
7th: The Smokehouse Mafia
8th: North Meets South BBQ
9th: Smoken Souls Barbecue
10th: K & D Smokers

2018 Chicken Winners:
1st: Redneck Scientific
2nd: Smokey Anderson BBQ
3rd: Muttley Crew BBQ
4th: Southern Q
5th: Smack that Butt BBQ
6th: Smokin Skullies
7th: Old Colony Smokehouse
8th: K & D Smokers
9th: Doctor Cue NC
10th: Smoken Souls Barbecue

2018 Pork Rib Winners:
1st: Southern Q
2nd: Pickin’ Porkers
3rd: Dig on Swine
4th: Muttley Crew BBQ
5th: The Smokehouse Mafia
6th: Old Colony Smokehouse
7th: Smokin Skullies
8th: K & D Smokers
9th: Grate Smoke
10th: Prime Barbeque

2018 Pork Winners:
1st: Muttley Crew BBQ
2nd: Old Colony Smokehouse
3rd: Too Ashamed to Name BBQ
4th: Smokin’ Story BBQ
5th: Grate Smoke
6th: Doctor Cue NC
7th: Four Men and a Smokin Pig
8th: Fatheads BBQ
9th: North Meets South BBQ
10th: Redneck Scientific

2018 Brisket Winners:
1st: Smack that Butt BBQ
2nd: Smokin Skullies
3rd: Redneck Scientific
4th: Grate Smoke
5th: Carolina Smoke
6th: Smoken Souls Barbecue
7th: Fatheads BBQ
8th: The Smokehouse Bandits
9th: The Smokehouse Mafia
10th: Grillin Thyme

2018 People’s Choice
1st: JW BBQ & Wings
2nd: Prime Barbeque
3rd: Suppertime BBQ


The 2018 Eastern Carolina BBQ Throw Down® trophies were designed and created by Ian Kessler-Gowell. The trophies are hand blown glass on a marble base and are being commissioned specially for this event. Ian holds a BFA from Virginia Commonwealth University and has worked with glass artist Rick Sherbert in Maryland. He is an artist focusing on functional glass design, lighting and sculptural forms. More information about Ian can be found at his website.

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